Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Life Cycles progress.

Since quitting my part time job in the media department at SCC a couple weeks ago, I have been trying to split my free time between homework and moving forward with my bike shop. I have been struggling with sleeping in way too long lately though! Hopefully I will get that under control and hammer things out even faster because normally when I get up early I am more productive throughout the day.

The last couple of days have brought some mile markers with them for Good Life Cycles. I believe I finally settled on a logo design, thanks to the help of the Visual Publications program at SCC assigning me a couple of designers to work with. I have my main logo, which is blue, and a female version of it which is pinkish/purple-ish. I was struggling with this idea because normally you want to stay very consistent. I think having the two color variations will be a great thing though. It will help me give the females more customized looks and items, which I think is a great thing. The female tshirts look wonderful already with the female version of the logo. It really adds something that I think a lot of businesses overlook.

I put my DBA paperwork in the mail today along with the filing fee. My first of MANY real business expenditures. I would have had it in long ago but I have been having financial aid troubles thanks to the college, so I am quite a bit behind financially and finally said "screw it" and sent the check in hoping the money coming into my account finally hits real soon. Luckily I had all my bills paid a month ahead or we would have been in big troubles.

As most people probably also saw on facebook, I hired a fantastic business accountant a week or so ago. He is going to be an incredible asset when it comes to fine-tuning my business plan and going to financiers, as well as working with me throughout the whole journey. Things are falling in place wonderfully so far and I just absolutely can't wait until my dream becomes my reality.

Starting in September, you will be able to start finding me hanging out at The Used Bike Shop on N. Cotner where I will start helping out and learning what I can from those guys.

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